Jan, 2021

Gallery Updated.

Please enjoy some photos of our dogs

(Teagan x Pepito Nov'14)

Father & Daughter Meet!
L-R: Ruby
(Carmela x Cappy); Cappy

Arrow: A Real Canadian Hockey Dog Legend!
"Go Canada Go!"
(Aggie x Rufus Dec'16)

Abby the Snowplough!
(Dolly x Rufus '16)

Harlow Celebrates His 2nd Birthday!
(Dolly x Rufus '16)

Let it Snow!!
(Francesca x Pepito '15) and Finn (Aggie x Rufus '17)

Bella Believes in Santa!
(Karma x Rufus)

Emma at 15 1/2 enjoying Xmas in 2017!

Palmer, 12 years old, Looks Forward to Christmas!

Monty's So Loved!

Family Walk Late Fall
Dogs: L-R: Rufus
(Gina x Cappy ’13); Caramel (Smile x Rufus ’17); Bridget (Lulu x Jack ’14); Tickles (Bridget x Rufus ’17)

Rufus Tries Camouflage

Arrow's All set For Hallowe'en!

Crosby: He's a Dog! No He's Butterfly! Happy Halloween!

Happy Hallowe'en 2017! from Isla (left) and Carlos (right)

Helen and "Tickles" (named by Helen!)

Arrow Enjoys Halloween!

Coolio Turns 14!
And still enjoys his Birthday cake!

(Teagon x Miracle) and Peek (Harriet x Pepito) Win!

Puppy Love!
Elizabeth and "Gaia"
(Paloma x Rufus)

L-R: Cara (Smile x Rufus '17) and her Big Brother, Rocky (Aggie x Rufus '16)

Find Brody!
(Teagan x Rufus '15)

Brody Makes His Way Down!

Brody Back Home!

Red Enjoying Retirement in NB by the Ocean!
 (Twink x Miracle 2010)

Giggle Is A Delight to All Who Meet Her! (11 Months old)
(Smile x Rufus)

Arlo a 41/2 Months
(Dolly x Rufus April'17)

"SuperHAV", Arrow, to the Rescue!
(Aggie x Rufus Dec '16)

Chico L.
(Bridget x Rufus '16) & Pepe R. (Aggie x Rufus Dec'16)
Proud Canadians!

Lucky Boots Lives By the Atlantic Ocean!
(Aggie x Rufus '16)

Scout gets his very first haircut!
(Teagan x Mircal May '12)

Daisy at 10 weeks!
(Dolly x Rufus)

Milo gets ready for summer on the lake!

Milo enjoying summer boating and being safe too!

Emma Enjoying Retirement!

"Rocky" The Rock Star!
(Aggie x Rufus Dec. '16)

Spring is in the Air!
(Francesca x Pepito ‘14) and Gina (Shimmer x Buster ’07)
Enjoy the Arrival of Spring!

Pippin Turns 2
(Paloma x Rufus)

Tennis Anyone?
"Duke" at 8 Months

(Aggie x Rufus Dec.'16)

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