March, 2020

Gallery Updated.

Please enjoy some photos of our dogs

“Pina" 12 Weeks Old!
(Bridget x Rufus ’19)

Charlie (Boots) On The Run!
(Ruby x Rufus July 2019)

(Dolly x Rufus Jan 2018)

“Olive” The Artisit!
(Bridget x Rufus Nov. 2019)

Sweet “CHINO” At 8!
(TanTan x Red January 2012)

“TEDDY” Bear
(Tickles x Duke May 2019)

“Gotta Get A Gunther”!
Dooda x Buster Sept. 2007

HARRY X SANDY (Bridget x Rufus May 2019)

(Dolly x Rufus April 7th 2017)

Arlo Ready For Winter in Montreal!
(Dolly x Rufus April 7 2017)

Harriet Enjoys Retirement and Winters In Florida!
(Magic x Harry ’11)

O Canada!
Ruby x Rufus January 2019

“Boots” Enjoying East Coast Living!
Aggie x Rufus Dec ’16

Snow! Snow! Beautiful Snow!
("Rufus" aka GCH. Rockhurst Rockabilly)

Eddie is Flyin’ High!
(Smile x Rufus April 2018)

“Izy" Jumping Into The Spirit Of Christmas!
(Harriet x Red Dec 2012)

Merry Xmas 2019
L-R: Pina , Olive

A Christmas Bow!
Sandy (Bridget x Rufus May ’19)

Santa Claus is Coming!
“Thai" (Giggle x Rufus Sept ‘17)

Einstein & Kopernik Send Xmas Greetings!

“Aethel" The Snow Angel!
( Ruby x Rufus January ’19)

Scrumptious “Crumpet”!
(Shimmer x Buster 2003)

(Shimmer x Coolio 2009)

Synchronized Sleeping!
L-R Alice & Pom Pom
(Bridget x Rufus)

Beloved “Lola”
(Libby x Buster 2006)

Charlie’s 1st Snow!
(Ruby xRufus July 29th, 2019)

Tallulah Enjoys Regents Park in London England!
(Sara x Miracle April, 2014)

Autumn Haze!
Leo (Tickles x Duke May'19)


"Cappy" The Perfect Gift

"Cappy", The Boss

Hallowe’en 2019
(Harriet x Red Dec. 2012)

Happy Hallowe’en from “Toffee" the little lion!
(Aggie x Rufus Jan’18)

Soulful “Scout”
7 1/2 years old!
Teagan x Miracle May 11 2012

Autumn Leaves!
Scarlett 3 months old
(Ruby x Rufus)

“Cappy" Top Cop On Patrol!
CH. Baribal’s Cappu Cino

Welcome FALL from TESS AND FIN!

“Charlie" Goes Green in his Electric Car! For All Us Dog Lovers, One More Reason To Go ELECTRIC!

“Paris" Enjoys Fall!
(Ruby x Rufus)

Rosie (L) Rufus(R)

Hip “Pip" Hooray!
(Paloma x Red 2015)

Mo and BIG brother Monty
(Mo 4 months old)
Dolly x Rufus April 2019

Philosopher MUNI!at 4 months
Bridget x Rufus 2019

(Shimmer x Coolio April 6th 2009)
Happy Canada Day!

(Mystery x Buster March 2008)

August 13th 2019
Show name: International CH. A Maiden Effort’s Heatwave

Dakota's Sunset Cruise
(Ruby x Rufus June 2018)

Zara Enjoys A Game Of Frisbee
(Zara: Ruby x Rufus June 2018)

"Sadie" Lovin' Florida Sunshine!
(Ros x Duke April 23rd 2019)

(Dolly x Rufus Sept ’18)

Aria’s First Year!
(Ruby x Rufus June 22nd 2018)

"Rocco" Welcome All!
Ruby x Rufus January 15th, 2019)

"Tiki" Loving Nature!
(Teagon x Rufus Oct 11 2015)

Luna, "Ready Set..."
(Dolly x Rufus Sept. 2018)

Little Sister Lucy
(Emma x Crumpet '06)

Big Brother Ozzie
(Emma x Crumpet '05)

Spring At Last!
"Whisky" (Bridget x Rufus Dec. 6th '18)

Francesca at 6.5 years of age!
Parents: Twink x Red
DOB: Nov 12th, 2012

Jack Turns 7!
Am/Can CH Rockhurst's Kismet AT Cinnabar
(DOB Nov 25th 2011)

Fashion Icon "Coco Chanel" Relaxing Spring 2019!
(Paloma x Red April  29th 2015)

Cara "Sailling" in Cozumel
(Giggle x Rufus '17)

Daisy Enjoys Florida Sunshine!
(Dolly x Rufus '17)

(Dolly x Rufus April ’17)

(Bridget x Rufus Dec ’18)

Best Friends! Aria and Bella
(Ruby x Rufus June ’18)

Milo Ready for Winter!

(Paloma x Rufus Dec’16)

“Buster” AM/Can CH R’Gang’s Buster At Rockhurst
August 2003 - February 2019

With the passing of Buster, Rockhurst mourns the loss of the foundation to all its finest dogs over the past 18 years, LIBBY, EMMA and BUSTER. These 3 wonderful continue to be the foundation of all Rockhurst’s success both in the Ring and in the homes of the many families who have adopted a Rockhurst puppy. Buster was a multi winner in both the USA and Canada. He spent his retirement with his soul mate (and boss), Emma and Janis, my friend, who gave them a loving home for over 10 years. Emma and Buster grew old together and with Emma’s passing just a few weeks earlier Buster was not able to soldier on alone. She was his eyes and ears by the end. Here is a lovely picture of Buster as a young show boy and then later in life with Emma at his side and Savannah (also a Rockhurst dog) looking over them. They all gave their very best to their families and will be sorely missed. My sincere thanks to them and to Janis and Mark!

Queen for a Day!
Loved Always By Her Family! Aretta Turns 10 on Feb 24th, 2017
(Dreamy x Buster Feb 24th, 2007)

Beautiful Emma!
Emma, Libby and Buster formed the foundation of my Breeding program. Most of my dogs still go back to these three dogs. Sadly Emma crossed the Rainbow Bridge last week at 161/2. She came from Anne Dixon of Sineade Kennels. What I will always remember about Emma is how she always took charge of the household, whether it be mothering some rescued kittens or letting me know in no uncertain terms that "Emma Knows Best”! Upon retirement she moved in with my good friend, Janis, who soon learned to do Emma’s bidding also. She had a wonderful life in all! She will be missed but her children live on spreading the love she gave them.
Here she sits in her Sunday best!

Happy 1st Birthday Toffee!
(Aggie x Rufus Jan.'18)

Little Prince "Harry"
(Paloma x Rufus Dec. '16)

Handsome Cody
(Bridget x Rufus Jan. '18)

Max in All His Glory!
(Bernie x Noff Noff January '08)

"Camie" Jumping into the New Year!
(Dolly x Rufus Spet '18)

Luna & Her Matching Best Friends Christmas Morning!
(Dolly x Rufus Sept '18)

Happy New Year from Daisy!
(Dolly x Rufus '17)

Twizzler the Havanese and Skittles the Norwich Terrier Take Flight!
(Tan Tan x Cappy Sept '12)

Einstein (L) and Kopernicus (R) Celebrate Their Parents' Wedding in Tuxedos!
(Einstein: Teagan x Pepito '16)(Kopernicus: Smile x Rufus '17)

Kiki, All Decked Out For Santa!
(Smile x Rufus Sept '18)

"Peanut" Poster Puppy for Christmas 2018!
(Dolly x Rufus Sept. 2018)

Gus At 9 Weeks!

Winter's Coming!
(Luna is all set in her winter finery, Parents are Dolly x Rufus)

MAC Goes To The Hairdresser!
(MAC is 9.5 weeks old here, parents Dolly x Rufus)

Kara At The Hava-Hike 2018

Gus Lovin' Snow Play

At 12 Maggie Still Enjoys Outdoor Sports
(Dreamy x Buster 2006)

Izy's "Joy To The World"
(Harriet x Red. 2012)
Photo By: Professional Photographer Stephanie Mac Neill

Phoebe Looking Pretty At Almost 12!
(Emma x Crumpet Dec. 2006)

Havanese Burger With A Side Of Fries
Fries = Winter '15 and Burger = Toffee '18

Aria & Her Best Friend, Bella The Bengal Cat!
(Ruby x Rufus June 22nd 2018)

Happy Hallowe'en From Henry
(Smile x Rufus April 13th, 2018)

Blush (Smile x Rufus Oct. 17')

Harry At The Cottage Fall 2018
(Paloma x Rufus Dec. 15th 2016)

Toffee Goes Grocery Shopping!
(Aggie x Rufus Jan. 2018)

Toffee Off To A Party!
(Aggie x Rufus January 2013)

Happy 11th Birthday, "Gunther"
DooDa x Buster Sept '07

Sisters Sharing Secrets!
L - R: Giggle x Stella
(Smile x Rufus Sept '16)

"Thai" What a Beauty!

Aria At 10 Weeks!
(Ruby x Rufus June '18)

Summer Fun!

Milo Enjoys Being On The Water!
(Dolly x George Aug '16)

Pip Enjoying the Patio!
(Paloma x Red April 2015)

Harry Sitting Pretty!
(Paloma x Rufus Dec. '16)

Coolio Celebrates Turning 15!
(A Maiden Efforts Heatwave Aug. '03)
Coolio sired many puppies at Rockhurst before his retirement at 8.

Hudson Holds A Meeting!
(Harriet x Pepito Aug. '15)

"George" Loves California Livin'!
(CH. Rockhurst n Wysteria's Beatlemania April '15)

"Poppy" Fits Right in with her Family and Season!
(Bridget x Rufus Jan 2018)

Impromptu Family Reunion in Downtown Montreal!
L-R: Winnie (Karma x Rufus 2016); Toffee (Aggie x Rufus Jan. 2018); Simba(Smile x Rufus Oct. 2017)

Summer Fun in Muskoka!
(Francesca x Pepito June '15)

"Finger Lickin' Good!"
(Bridget x Rufus Jan. '18)

Happy 8th Birthday Miffy!
(Mystery x Miracle Aug, '10)

(Magic x Miracle Oct. 2010) Proud Canadian!

Summer Picincs for Eddie!
(Smile x Rufus April 2018)

Otis and His Buddy At Columbia University Campus in New York City

Otis 10 Years old
Steppin' Out in Boston with His Master

Bailey Cools Off!
(Dolly x Rufus Jan. '18)

Happy Canada Day From Alice!
(Bridget x Rufus July 2016)

Coda Relaxing In The Garden
(Smile x Rufus April' 18)

(Teagan x Rufus'15) The Rock Climber in Portimao, Portugal!
Taking the name "Rockhurst" to a whole new Level!

Two Little Rock Stars!

ROCKHURST'S Cheer Leader
(Bridget x Rufus 2018)
"Pom Pom"

Rockhurst's Hard Toffee
(Aggie x Rufus Jan 2018)

Oh Finnegan!
(Aggie x Rufus '18)

Mabel and Her New Baby Brother, Roger!
(Roger, Aggie x Rufus ‘18; Mabel, Paloma x Red ’15)

Arlo Celebrates His 1st Birthday!
(Dolly x Rufus April 2017)

Happy 10th Birthday Riley!
April 1st 2018

Daffodil Turns 5!
(Sara x Cappy March 29th, 2018)

(Sara x Cappy March’13) Turns 5!

Toffee and Roger Happy Together!
(Aggie x Rufus Jan.’18)

L-R: Desi
(Bridget x Rufus ’17); Taz (TanTan x Red ’12)

L-R: Co-Pilots Bugsy
(Shimmer x Miracle ’08) and Miffy (Mystery x Miracle ’08)

Special Greeters, Peaches and Pebbles
(Carmela x Pepito ‘ 14), for Colby McGeachy Professional Corporation
Beautiful photography by Angela Rogers of Carleton Place ON

L-R: Dooda & Daughter, Yuca, Enjoying a Quiet time Together!
(Ch. Salemi Zippity Doo Da Oct 3rd 2004 - March 6th 2018)

L-R: Giggle and Stella
(Smile x Rufus Sept'16)

(Teagan x Pepito Nov'14)

Father & Daughter Meet!
L-R: Ruby
(Carmela x Cappy); Cappy

Arrow: A Real Canadian Hockey Dog Legend!
"Go Canada Go!"
(Aggie x Rufus Dec'16)

Abby the Snowplough!
(Dolly x Rufus '16)

Harlow (Dolly x Rufus '16)
Celebrates His 2nd Birthday!

Let it Snow!!
(Francesca x Pepito '15) and Finn (Aggie x Rufus '17)

Bella (Karma x Rufus) Believes in Santa!

Emma at 15 1/2 enjoying Xmas in 2017!

Palmer, 12 years old, Looks Forward to Christmas!

Monty's So Loved!

Family Walk Late Fall
Dogs: L-R: Rufus (Gina x Cappy ’13); Caramel (Smile x Rufus ’17); Bridget (Lulu x Jack ’14); Tickles (Bridget x Rufus ’17)

Rufus Tries Camouflage

Arrow's All set For Hallowe'en!

Crosby: He's a Dog! No He's Butterfly! Happy Halloween!

Happy Hallowe'en 2017! from Isla (left) and Carlos (right)

Helen and "Tickles" (named by Helen!)

Arrow Enjoys Halloween!

Coolio Turns 14!
And still enjoys his Birthday cake!

Tia (Teagon x Miracle) and Peek (Harriet x Pepito) Win!

Puppy Love!
Elizabeth and "Gaia" (Paloma x Rufus)

L-R: Cara (Smile x Rufus '17) and her Big Brother, Rocky (Aggie x Rufus '16)

Find Brody!
(Teagan x Rufus '15)

Brody Makes His Way Down!

Brody Back Home!

Red (Twink x Miracle 2010)
Enjoying Retirement in NB by the Ocean!

Giggle (Smile x Rufus)
Is A Delight to All Who Meet Her! (11 Months old)

Arlo a 41/2 Months
(Dolly x Rufus April'17)

"SuperHAV", Arrow, to the Rescue!
(Aggie x Rufus Dec '16)

Chico L. (Bridget x Rufus '16) & Pepe R. (Aggie x Rufus Dec'16)
Proud Canadians!

Lucky Boots (Aggie x Rufus '166) Lives By the Atlantic Ocean!

Scout (Teagan x Mircal May '12) gets his very first haircut!

Daisy (Dolly x Rufus) at 10 weeks!

Milo gets ready for summer on the lake!

Milo enjoying summer boating and being safe too!

Emma Enjoying Retirement!

"Rocky" The Rock Star! (Aggie x Rufus Dec. '16)

Spring is in the Air!
Max (Francesca x Pepito ‘14) and Gina (Shimmer x Buster ’07)
Enjoy the Arrival of Spring!

Pippin (Paloma x Rufus) Turns 2

Tennis Anyone?
"Duke" at 8 Months

Boomer (Aggie x Rufus Dec.'16)

Milo’s 1st Trip to the Groomer at 14 Weeks (Paloma x Rufus Dec. ‘16)

Harry (Paloma x Rufus Dec'16) Visits The Groomer

Eddie (Carmela x Pepito Dec ’14), Tucker’s BFF!

Tucker (Teagan x Pepito Nov ‘14) Enjoys Some Quiet Time

Beautiful Harriet (Magic x Harry June ’11)

Vanna (Sara x Pepito May ’16) Happily Climbs the 8’ Snow Banks!

Arrow (Aggie x Rufus Dec ’16) taking Off in Flight!

Beloved Benny! (Carmela x Pepito ’14)

Valentine’s Day wishes from Rico Suave (Harriet x Red Dec. ’12)

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