September 2nd, 2016

Gallery Updated.

Please enjoy some photos of our dogs.

Happy Birthday Saya (Sara x Pepito)!

Minnie (Sara x Pepito) turns 1year old!

Archie (Sara x Pepito) and his forever family!

Eddie and Tucker Best Buds!

Tucker (Teagan x Pepito)4 feet off the ground!

Eddie (Carmela x Pepito) On the Move!

In Canada Gally loves catching snowflakes!

Scout (Teagan x Miracle) enjoying California winter!

Maggie (Sara x Pepito) masters the stairs!

Cody (Carmela x Pepito) visits family in Switzerland

Handsome Boy, Sancho! (Gina x Miracle)

Waiting For Santa

1st Snow: Archie (6 weeks) Loves It!

Zoé (5 months) starts agility at the Pet Expo

Pip Graduates!

Wilson, 3, (Tantan x Cappy) Ready and Waiting!
Wilson continues to enjoy life in San Francisco.

Coolio turns 12 in 2015!

Jack is Back!

"Mabel" (PalomaXRed)
Pip Goes to The Playground Today!

Darling Yogi (Carmela x Pepito) at 7 months!

Pip (Paloma x Red) enjoying the shade on a hot summer’s day!

 “Pip Pip Hooray!”
aka “Pip” (Paloma x Red april 29th, 2015)
6 weeks old here.

Rockhurst Huddle
(Miracle; Cappy; Rufus; Pepito; Tucker)

The Joyous Cappuccino!

Scout, The Birthday Boy
(dob May 11,2012)

The Beautiful Mango
(dob Dec 27th 2004)

Aggie at 5 months
(Teagan x Pepito Nov 2nd, 2014)

Genie Turns 11 in 2015

Minnie Sitting Pretty

Parker Learns to Read

Spring Has Sprung!
("Bridget" aka" Rockhurst Knockout”)

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