July, 2021

Gallery Updated.

Please enjoy some photos of our dogs

August 3rd 2003 – July 23rd 2021

Just shy of turning 18, Coolio missed his Birthday celebration this year! He had an amazing and very long life giving so much back to all who loved him and passing on so much to all his offspring and future generations! He is and will be missed!

Coolio arrived here at Rockhurst from the Netherlands as a young adult. He had completed his European Championship and was ready to become Rockhurst’s next stud dog. He was Drop Dead Gorgeous!

He enjoyed life as Stud dog extraordinaire, sire to many beautiful puppies and soon became one of the foundations upon which Rockhurst built its reputation. He continues to feature in the lines of Tickles, Jackie, Sandy and Greta today!

He was a boy who gave his all to life and those around! At 7 he was retired to live with friends who already had 3 of my dogs, including Bella, Coolio’s daughter. He has lived there ever since. Since the inception of my website each of his Birthdays has been marked on the Gallery. He never tired of those wonderful Birthday cakes and all the fuss made over him! He celebrated right along with everyone else!
COOLIO truly was a GREAT DOG!

Coolio and Emma His 1st Love!

Always Exuberant and Ready to Join in The Fun!

Tennis Anyone?

Ever Attentive SEDONA
(Ruby x Rufus Feb. 10th 2020)

TOBY and SEDONA Trying Their Best to Adopt The Pace Of Nature!

YUM! Summer Treat: Ice Cream and a Cookie!
TOBY Enjoying Summer Holidays!
(Tickles x Duke Nov 2020)

SOPHIE Playing In The Black Rocks at Ucluelet BC
(Ruby x Rufus February 10th 2020)

CALLIE Chillin’

“Treat? SOPHIE"

SCARLETT Enjoys Boating In the Summer Months!
(Ruby x Rufus July 29th 2019)

RUBY’S 1st Boat Ride!
(Ros x Duke July 2020)

 BENJI Riding the Highways and Byways in His Buddy Rider!
(Blush x Duke Sept 2020)


Sister,KIKI (L) & Brother KASHA (R), Meet Up!
(Smile x Rufus )

"DAISY" Sweetness Itself!
(Teagan x Pepito Nov 2nd 2014)

SOPHIE All Ready For Summer Fun!
(Ruby x Rufus Feb. 2020)

Pool Time In The Rubber Dingy

Admiral “TAZ" Back On The Water!
(TanTan x Red Jan. 26th 2012)

Plush Puppy! “TOBY 2”
(Tickles x Duke Nov 6th 2020)

Irresistible PUPPIES!

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