June, 2021

Gallery Updated.

Please enjoy some photos of our dogs

Summer At The Cottage for “CALLIE”
(Scotchie x Rufus January 4th 2021)

TEDDY Lounging On A Beautiful Quilt Made By His Mom! Lucky Boy!
(Ruby x Rufus February 10th 2020)

(Emma x Buster Dec 31st 2005)

Spring Blossoms!
A Beautiful backdrop for BILLIE!
(Ros x Duke Nov 17 2019)

Pure Joy!
TOBY Comes To Visit!
(Tickles x Duke Nov. 6th 2020)

Watermelon Sugar Poolside!
(Ros x Rufus Jan. 27th 2021)

Golf Anyone?!
BENJI enjoying the green!
(Tickles x Duke May 10th 2020)

The Joys of Summer!
"TOBY 1”
(Tickles x Duke Nov. 6th 2020)

Boating Season Brings With it New Fashion and Safety!
(Ruby x Rufus July 29th 2019)

"Butter Wouldn’t Melt In His Mouth!”
(Tickles x Duke May 10th 2020)

(Tickles x Duke Nov. 6th 2020)

Summer’s On the Way!
Charlie (L) and Leo (R) On The Daybed!

Gorgeous “GUNTHER" and an Unlikely Playmate
(Dooda x Buster Sept.2007)

“JAVI’S” Playground Treasure!
(Ruby x Rufus July 2020)

“STANLEY” and His Stick!
(Jackie x Duke Dec. 2020)
4 months young!

Lucky Birthday Girl, “ROSIE"
April 23rd 2019

More Fun For TOBY (L) & SEDONA (R) On The Edge Of The St Lawrence River
(Tickles x Duke) (Ruby x Rufus)

Glorious Glorious Spring MUD!
Toby (Tickles x Duke Nov 2020) Sedona
Spring Fun!

Followed by a Bath:

Fluffy KENJI!
(Ros x Rufus Jan 27th 2021)

CHARLIE & Little Bro LEO
(Ruby x Rufus July 2019) & (Tickles x Duke Nov 2020)

“DAISY” Skips into Her 4th Birthday!
(Dolly x Rufus April 7th 2017)

Puppy Love! “MARLEY”
(Jan 4th 2021)

L-R: “COMET" & His Mother, “DOLLY", Keeping Watch!
(Dolly x Rufus April 7th 2017)

(Jackie x Duke Dec 19th 2020)
L-R: Parker; Stanley

“PARKER” Brings Easter Wishes and Eggs!!
(Jackie x Duke Dec 2020)

Here’s to Glorious Spring and Mud!
TOBY 2 throws himself into it!
(Tickles x Duke Nov 6th 2020)
Photograph by Professional Photographer Nancy Miller

“BUSTER Jr.” Turns 13!
(Mystery x Buster March 20, 2008)

Teddy Bear “TUCKER”!
(Teagan x Pepito Nov 2014)

Happy St Patrick’s Day from
(Ruby x Rufus Feb 10th 2020)

Plush Puppy !“TOBY 2”
(Tickles x Duke Nov 6 2020)

“RUBY" In Retirement!
(Carmela x Cappy Nov. 29th 2013)

 Irresistible “PIPPIN” aka “PIP” (Squeak)
(Paloma x Red April 29th 2015)

 Life is Good!
(Ruby x Rufus Feb. 10 2020)

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