April, 2022

Gallery Updated.

Please enjoy some photos of our dogs

Toffee Goes Grocery Shopping!
(Aggie x Rufus Jan. 2018)

Toffee Off To A Party!
(Aggie x Rufus January 2013)

Happy 11th Birthday, "Gunther"
(DooDa x Buster Sept '07)

Sisters Sharing Secrets!
L - R: Giggle x Stella
(Smile x Rufus Sept '16)

"Thai" What a Beauty!

Happy 8th Birthday Miffy!
(Mystery x Miracle Aug, '10)

Lucy Proud Canadian!
(Magic x Miracle Oct. 2010)

Summer Picincs for Eddie!
(Smile x Rufus April 2018)

Otis and His Buddy At Columbia University Campus in New York City

Otis 10 Years old
Steppin' Out in Boston with His Master

Bailey Cools Off!
(Dolly x Rufus Jan. '18)

Happy Canada Day From Alice!
(Bridget x Rufus July 2016)

Coda Relaxing In The Garden
(Smile x Rufus April' 18)

Brody, The Rock Climber in Portimao, Portugal!
Taking the name "Rockhurst" to a whole new Level!
(Teagan x Rufus'15)

Two Little Rock Stars!

ROCKHURST'S Cheer Leader
"Pom Pom"
(Bridget x Rufus 2018)

Rockhurst's Hard Toffee
(Aggie x Rufus Jan 2018)

Oh Finnegan!
(Aggie x Rufus '18)

Mabel and Her New Baby Brother, Roger!
(Roger, Aggie x Rufus ‘18; Mabel, Paloma x Red ’15)

Arlo Celebrates His 1st Birthday!
(Dolly x Rufus April 2017)

Happy 10th Birthday Riley!
April 1st 2018

Daffodil Turns 5!
(Sara x Cappy March 29th, 2018)

Otello Turns 5!
(Sara x Cappy March’13)

Toffee and Roger Happy Together!
(Aggie x Rufus Jan.’18)

L-R: Desi (Bridget x Rufus ’17); Taz (TanTan x Red ’12)

L-R: Co-Pilots Bugsy (Shimmer x Miracle ’08) and Miffy (Mystery x Miracle ’08)

Special Greeters, Peaches and Pebbles (Carmela x Pepito ‘ 14), for Colby McGeachy Professional Corporation
Beautiful photography by Angela Rogers of Carleton Place ON

L-R: Dooda & Daughter, Yuca, Enjoying a Quiet time Together!
(Ch. Salemi Zippity Doo Da Oct 3rd 2004 - March 6th 2018)

L-R: Giggle and Stella
(Smile x Rufus Sept'16)

Aria At 10 Weeks!
(Ruby x Rufus June '18)

Summer Fun!

Milo Enjoys Being On The Water!
(Dolly x George Aug '16)

Pip Enjoying the Patio!
(Paloma x Red April 2015)

Harry Sitting Pretty!
(Paloma x Rufus Dec. '16)

Coolio Celebrates Turning 15!
(A Maiden Efforts Heatwave Aug. '03)
Coolio sired many puppies at Rockhurst before his retirement at 8.

Hudson Holds A Meeting!
(Harriet x Pepito Aug. '15)

"George" Loves California Livin'!
(CH. Rockhurst n Wysteria's Beatlemania April '15)

"Poppy" Fits Right in with her Family and Season!
(Bridget x Rufus Jan 2018)

Impromptu Family Reunion in Downtown Montreal!
L-R: Winnie (Karma x Rufus 2016); Toffee (Aggie x Rufus Jan. 2018); Simba (Smile x Rufus Oct. 2017)

Summer Fun in Muskoka! Carmen
(Francesca x Pepito June '15)

"Finger Lickin' Good!" Cody
(Bridget x Rufus Jan. '18)

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