April, 2022

Gallery Updated.

Please enjoy some photos of our dogs

Oh Those Eyes!
(Shimmer x Miracle 2011)

Jake the Intrepid Explorer!
(Shimmer x Miracle 2011)

“Molly" At 16 Still Enjoys Life At The Lake!

“Oliver" Enjoys The Beach In NB
DOB: Aug 15th 2010
(Mystery x Miracle)

Sweet "LILO"
(Ruby x Rufus July 29 2019)

Let it Rain! Let it Rain! Let it Rain!
SOPHIE'S All Ready in her Bumble Bee Raincoat!

"Bailey" Picture Perfect!
(Ros x Duke Nov 2019)

“Olive" in Big Sky Country!
(Bridget x Rufus Nov 2019)

(Libby x Buster April 2006)

(Ruby x Rufus Feb 2020)

SADIE at 1!
(Ros x Duke April 23rd 2019)

SOPHIE At 10 Weeks
(Ruby x Rufus Feb.2020)

CHICO at 13!
(Shimmer x Noff Noff)

Mother & Daughter
(L-R Daughter, TICKLES; Mother, BRIDGET retired)

Buster Jr. Celebrating 12 Happy Years
(Buster Sr. X Mystery March 2008)

“Olive" With a Pony!
(Bridget x Rufus Nov. 2019)

COBY Lovin’ The Outdoors!
(Ruby x Rufus Feb. ’20)

(Paloma x Red April ’15)

Sophie’s Teepee In BC
(Ruby x Rufus Feb 2020)

Chancho On Ice!
(Bridget x Rufus January 2018)

TIBBY The Bumble Bee!
Every Halloween for 13 Years!
(Libby x Buster ’06)

Alice & Pom Pom
(Bridget x Rufus)

Magnificent “MAC”!
(Dolly x Rufus Sept 2018)

Beautiful CAMIE!
(Dolly x Rufus Sept. 2018)

Precious Anikin!
(Mystery x Katsuro March 10 2009)

JOY! “Daffodil"
(Sara x Cappy March 29 2013)

Wilson on the Run In San Francisco!
(TanTan X Cappy 2012)

Happy 7th Birthday, Remy!!
(Sara x Cappy March 29th 2013)

Beach Boy “George”!

Billie’s First Visit To the Groomer!
(Ros x Duke Nov 2019)

Happy St Patrick’s Day!
(Ros x Duke April 2019)

Quinn The Joyful Havanese!
(Dolly x Rufus Jan. 4th 2016)

Daisy & Quinn Chillin’
(Dolly x Rufus January 2016)

Spring Is In The Air
“Scout" 8 years old!
(Teagan x Miracle May ’12)

“Pina" 12 Weeks Old!
(Bridget x Rufus ’19)

Charlie (Boots) On The Run!
(Ruby x Rufus July 2019)

(Dolly x Rufus Jan 2018)

“Olive” The Artisit!
(Bridget x Rufus Nov. 2019)

Sweet “CHINO” At 8!
(TanTan x Red January 2012)

“TEDDY” Bear
(Tickles x Duke May 2019)

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