Jan, 2021

Gallery Updated.

Please enjoy some photos of our dogs

Milo’s 1st Trip to the Groomer at 14 Weeks
(Paloma x Rufus Dec. ‘16)

Harry Visits The Groomer
(Paloma x Rufus Dec'16)

Eddie, Tucker’s BFF!
(Carmela x Pepito Dec ’14)

Tucker Enjoys Some Quiet Time
(Teagan x Pepito Nov ‘14)

Beautiful Harriet
(Magic x Harry June ’11)

Vanna Happily Climbs the 8’ Snow Banks!
(Sara x Pepito May ’16)

Arrow Taking Off in Flight!
(Aggie x Rufus Dec ’16)

Beloved Benny!
(Carmela x Pepito ’14)

Valentine’s Day wishes from Rico Suave
(Harriet x Red Dec. ’12)

“Ruby”, Rockhurst’s Ruby Revolution, Happy At Home in NB
(Harriet x Pepito Aug ’15)

Giggle (L) and the Duke (R) Enjoy The Snow!


(R’Gang Buster At Rockhurst ’03)
and Emma
(Sineade's June At Rockhurst ’02) Enjoying Retirement

Hero’s Festive look!
(Paloma x Rufus Aug ’16)

Giggle In Snow!
(Smile x Rufus Sept.'16)

Merry Christmas from Our Little Chestnut, Chester!
(Paloma x Rufus Dec ‘16)

Wilson fitting right in!
(TanTan x Cappy)

“Winter” Celebrates Halloween as a sheep!
(Karma x Rufus)

Happy Holidays from Scout and his buddy Truffles.
(Teagan x Miracle May 2012)

George Sitting Pretty!
(Audrey x Jack 2015)

Eddie Celebrates turning 2 in a Snow Storm!
(Carmela x Pepito)

Siblings! Giggle and Bondi
(Smile x Rufus Sept ’16)

Walk Anyone?!
Coconut enjoys a special place as she “walks” by the river with her two charges!
(Dolly x George)

Rockhurst's little "Hero" at 6 months
(Paloma x Rufus)

Happy 2nd Birthday Nov 2nd 2016!
(Top L-R)Rupert, Daisy, Theo, (Bottom L-R) Benny, Tucker and Aggie
Proud parents are Teagan and Pepito

Molly nails Harlow
Hava-Hike 2016 Wakefield QC

TAG at the Hava-Hike 2016
L-R: Harlow
(Dolly x Rufus); Teddy (Francesca x Pepito); Molly (Teagan x Pepito)

Bruin Looking to His Future in the RCMP like Mom and Dad!
(Isla x Rufus ’15)

"Twizzler" Thinking BIG!
(TanTan x Cappy ‘12)

Joey and big brother, Murphy, enjoying Lake Muskoka!
(Harriet x Jack)

L-R: Tiffy; Rosie; Sara

Francesca & Cappy

Alice enjoys yummy California Pines!
(Teagan x Pepito ’16)

Coolio turns 13 on August 13th 2016! Happy Birthday Coolio!

Tallulah Enjoys Her Home Near Chicago!
(Teagan x Miracle ‘14)

Kayla and Maggie Continue to enjoy Georgian Bay!

Bear, (Francesca x Jack) (L) & Ralph, (Harriet x Jack) (R)
Brothers and Best Friends!

Quin (L) and Daisy (R) freshly groomed by their Mom!

Bo Kayaks At Lac St Jean!
(Paloma x Red)

Maggie and Friends on Georgian Bay!
(Sara x Pepito)

Kayla and Maggie enjoying summer on Georgian Bay!
(Sara x Pepito)

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