Feb, 2024

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Please enjoy some photos of our dogs

(Teagan x Pepito Nov'14)

Father & Daughter Meet!
L-R: Ruby (Carmela x Cappy); Cappy

Arrow: A Real Canadian Hockey Dog Legend!
"Go Canada Go!"
(Aggie x Rufus Dec'16)

Abby the Snowplough!
(Dolly x Rufus '16)

Harlow Celebrates His 2nd Birthday!
(Dolly x Rufus '16)

Let it Snow!!
Tess (Francesca x Pepito '15) and Finn (Aggie x Rufus '17)

Bella Believes in Santa!
(Karma x Rufus)

Emma at 15 1/2 enjoying Xmas in 2017!

Palmer, 12 years old, Looks Forward to Christmas!

Monty's So Loved!

Family Walk Late Fall
Dogs: L-R: Rufus (Gina x Cappy ’13); Caramel (Smile x Rufus ’17); Bridget (Lulu x Jack ’14); Tickles (Bridget x Rufus ’17)

Rufus Tries Camouflage

Arrow's All set For Hallowe'en!

Crosby: He's a Dog! No He's Butterfly! Happy Halloween!

Happy Hallowe'en 2017! from Isla (left) and Carlos (right)

Helen and "Tickles" (named by Helen!)

Arrow Enjoys Halloween!

Coolio Turns 14!
And still enjoys his Birthday cake!

Tia (Teagon x Miracle) and Peek (Harriet x Pepito) Win!

Puppy Love!
Elizabeth and "Gaia"
(Paloma x Rufus)

L-R: Cara (Smile x Rufus '17) and her Big Brother, Rocky (Aggie x Rufus '16)

Find Brody!
(Teagan x Rufus '15)

Brody Makes His Way Down!

Brody Back Home!

Red Enjoying Retirement in NB by the Ocean!
 (Twink x Miracle 2010)

Giggle Is A Delight to All Who Meet Her! (11 Months old)
(Smile x Rufus)

Arlo a 41/2 Months
(Dolly x Rufus April'17)

"SuperHAV", Arrow, to the Rescue!
(Aggie x Rufus Dec '16)

Chico L. (Bridget x Rufus '16) & Pepe R. (Aggie x Rufus Dec'16)
Proud Canadians!

Lucky Boots Lives By the Atlantic Ocean!
(Aggie x Rufus '16)

Scout gets his very first haircut!
(Teagan x Mircal May '12)

Daisy at 10 weeks!
(Dolly x Rufus)

Milo gets ready for summer on the lake!

Milo enjoying summer boating and being safe too!

Emma Enjoying Retirement!

"Rocky" The Rock Star!
(Aggie x Rufus Dec. '16)

Spring is in the Air!
Max (Francesca x Pepito ‘14) and Gina (Shimmer x Buster ’07)
Enjoy the Arrival of Spring!

Pippin Turns 2
(Paloma x Rufus)

Tennis Anyone?
"Duke" at 8 Months

(Aggie x Rufus Dec.'16)

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