Jan, 2021

Gallery Updated.

Please enjoy some photos of our dogs

“Coffee” celebrates Eid with presents!
(Harriet x Jack)

Daisy and Quinn enjoy the patio!
(Dolly x Rufus)

Scout with San Francisco Bay in the distance!

Bentley and his best friend!
(Harriet x Cappy)

Archie At The Cottage

Archie and the Tulips!

Tucker loves the outdoors!
(Francesca x Pepito)

Pip Sparkles!

Phoebe turns 4!
(Teagan x Miracle May 2012)

"Bugsy" (L), Shimmer x Miracle 2011; “Miffy" (R), Mystery and Miracle 2010

Little Rascal Crosby
(Mystery x Ruby 2010)

Double Gold Splendor!
(Dolly x Rufus)

Tallulah 2 years old today!
(Teagan x Miracle)

Annie At Work On the Farm
(Dolly x Rufus)

Annie Relaxing After a Hard Day’s Work!

Darling Benny!
(Francesca x Jack Dec 2015)

Beautiful Ansel!
(Isla x Rufus)

Freddie and the Sombrero!
(Teagan x Rufus)

“ Love from Pip ❤"

Cece and Pepe enjoying winter in Canada and Mexico!

Beloved Teeva
Dec 23rd, 2003 - March 23rd, 2015
(Libby x Oreo)

My very first Havanese, "Libby" who began it all!

Spring Cleaning

Happy Easter from Goldie and Coffee!

Peek enjoying March Break in the Yukon!
(Harriet x Pepito)

Cappy and Marla Enjoying A Winter’s Morning in Montreal

Nico Stylishly Outfitted For Winter On Manitoulin Island
(Sara x Pepito)

Tiki, The ‘Model’ Dog!
(Teagan x Rufus)

Gus also Loves the snow!
(Sara x Pepito)

Ros enjoys the snow!
(Teagan x Rufus)

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