Updated Jan, 2024

Requirements for the designation of CKC Master Breeder
  1. CKC Membership has been maintained for the last twenty (20) consecutive years.
  2. The applicant has bred (or co-bred) the same breed or several breeds for a minimum of twenty (20) years.
  3. The applicant has never been subject to disciplinary action by the CKC.
  4. The applicant has bred (co-bred) at least twenty (20) Canadian Champions in Conformation or Performance events.
  5. The applicant has bred (or co-bred) at least one of the following:
    (a) A CKC All-Breed Best in Show Winner (any CKC recognized country).
    (b) A CKC National Best in Specialty winner in Conformation or Performance events (any CKC recognized country).
    (c) A dog or dogs that with twenty (20) placements at the Group level at CKC events.
    (d) Ten (10) High in Trial winners (or any ten (10) other Performance event winners) at CKC events.

The applicant must certify that appropriate health screens (as required by the parent club) are performed on Sire and Dam of litters bred.

The applicant must have a provable track record of registering 100% of the live puppies produced.

The applicant must have a minimum of twenty (20) years of verifiable membership in at least one CKC accredited club.